Our Montevecchia. An experience to tell.


An experience, a true story that penetrates beyond the skin and awakens the deep identity of each one.

It all comes from the experience in which Montevecchia involved us: an experience first of all of belonging to a place, which carries within itself faces, stories of men in action. In fulfillment also in waiting, in working hard, in accepting adversity. An opportunity to unleash responsible creativity, a different vision. From dedication to the things that matter, the small gestures that one after another make our days great. From the care for Nature and respect for its rhythms, the inspiration for the Acqua di Montevecchia line of body solutions and home fragrances.


Acqua di Montevecchia is the silent story of a family, a farmhouse, peasant life, a land and its perfumes. Telling it to the world to allow anyone to hold onto that piece of Montevecchia is our goal. This is why we have made hard work light, while fatigue is muffled. The months of care and waiting to see the fruits of the earth grow have been transformed into essence. It seems that the great history of the Acqua di Montevecchia family has never tired of repeating itself and renewing itself, giving an equal yet new wealth… not only to the children, but to everyone. Re-proposing cycles and seasons from which everyone benefits and in which everyone becomes great.


Work to get involved with life, get your hands dirty, give importance to every little activity as part of a project. Work as a tool: a primary activity that causes man to transform the things entrusted to him, giving a new look, adding and creating value for himself and others. Work as fidelity, solicitude, attention, generosity in offering oneself to achieve a goal that is savored fully because it allows itself to be waited every time. Without ever having the certainty that it will be as you imagine it, but with the awareness of having given everything. “Things must be done well”: in this way work becomes tradition, handed down from father to son, over time, like the farmers who have been bending their backs on the fields of Montevecchia for decades.


Twisted branches, faces and hands marked by time, earth, cold and fog, joy and warmth. Just love and passion is not enough. The work in the terraces is non-stop when it comes to quality. There is teamwork, but also loneliness: the closeness of teammates often means knowing that they are there even if they are busy with their work. Work that never ends, the seasons merciless or generous, the constancy of always starting over. The patience of waiting, following the rhythm of the seasons, to seize the ideal moment, the perfect moment. The land, Montevecchia, will finally give its fruits.


Bonds are not invisible. The real ones, those that are built on sharing, you find them in the eyes, in the gestures, in the words. The everyday life that forms the backbone of our lives. They are the bonds that push and support us to go further. Fatigue is overcome, work becomes a gesture of love and everything takes on a different flavor. It is not easier, but but it can be done: even dreams take on strength and concreteness. And in a fraternal gaze you find courage


“Creativity… is thirst. Not a new thing! ” It is from this awareness that the inspiration to tell Montevecchia in a different way is born. To make known the effort of the simple people who live there and the excellence of the essences that this land gives, through something that already exists, but has never been interpreted in this way. This is how the beauty products, Acqua di Montevecchia, are born. Opening up to the world the reality we have in our hands: men in action, to the point that the fatigue of time, of waiting, of being patient, of adverse weather has become an opportunity to unleash an unexpected creativity. It was not a question of inventing something, butonly of discovering how tradition could relive in a different experience, suitable for everyone.


Loving Montevecchia does not only mean wanting to tell it and make it known to everyone, but also to protect it for future generations. With this great desire we have always tried to respect the naturalness of the project. The path towards sustainability is a journey that not only concerns the ingredients, but also the involvement of suppliers and the social fabric in which Acqua di Montevecchia was born. We have paid the utmost attention in every phase of realization: the choice of materials, suppliers and manufacturing processes. Everything so that this story can be a good story before and after its passage.

A family business

“The creativity…? It is thirst. Not a new thing, but a story to tell, an experience that is not lost” (Andrea Anghileri).


Two founders, two brothers: Andrea and Isacco.

Infinity in a drop of cream, the result of a slow, devoted and meticulous passion. Men, like lands, have a vocation.

Everything is born within the experience in which one is involved: an experience first of all of belonging to a place, to specific faces, to specific stories of men and of the earth. Men in action, to the point that the fatigue of time, of waiting, of being patient, of adverse weather … has become an opportunity to unleash responsible creativity.

It was not a question of inventing something, but only of discovering how tradition could relive in a different, suitable experience for everyone. A strong tension towards excellence and a shared dream: to revive, thanks to the excellence of the land and its products, the magic of the Brianza workshop and of those who ran it.

Men of the earth, guardians of a secret that goes beyond the quality of raw materials. Acqua di Montevecchia: authentic, free from the superfluous, typical of those who love simplicitỳ, transparency, beauty.