Pinciroeu room perfumer 250 ml.


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Room fragrance to relive the scent of Montevecchia grape must.
Main note: fresh flower of vanilla red fruits. Top: red fruits, peach and grapefruit. Heart: orange blossom, magnolia and peony. Base: cashmere wood, musk and vanilla.
Denatured alcohol, perfume and water.
Place the diffuser at eye level; the movements of air, due to the passage of people, facilitate the diffusion of the fragrance in the environment. For a good diffusion of the fragrance it is recommended: for small to medium areas the use of a single product placed in the center of the room; for larger areas, the use of two or more diffusers spaced at regular intervals between them. Duration: to maximize the life of the product, it is recommended to avoid placing the diffuser in areas adjacent to windows and heat sources. By removing the chopsticks and closing the product with the provided cap, it will be possible, during prolonged absences, to keep the essence contained in the bottle unaltered.