Our story told by our products.
For you.

A meeting that changes your life forever.

An experience, a sincere story that penetrates beyond the skin and awakens the profound identity of each one.

We have included the soul of Montevecchia within our face and body products. Acqua di Montevecchia is the memory of the scents, ingredients and colors of a unique place. Only natural essences of the typical features of this corner of the world.

Excellences – such as rosemary, vine and water – used in a completely new way in our beauty recipes. A short list of ingredients… because you will find that it takes very little to feel good.

For body care.

We take care of your skin effectively and naturally.

For home care.

With the Acqua di Montevecchia room fragrances you can stop, close your eyes and breathe.

Dal cuore della terra... essenza per te.

Always looking to the future with sustainability as a beacon of

Creativity…? It is thirst. Not a new thing, but a story to tell, an experience that is not lost.


Offer yourself to reach a goal, with the awareness of having given everything.

Not just products, but an experience that you will want to tell in turn.

The dedication to the things that matter, the attention to small gestures that, one after the other, make our days great. For those who have never been there we wrote this story. We made it caress, air, freshness on the face. So as to be indelible and eternal the essence of these places. Care for nature and respect for its rhythms have inspired the Acqua di Montevecchia line of body solutions and home fragrances. Work and research have allowed us to share the values ​​we believe in through our products. A contemporary story that you can be part of too, every day.